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Whether it is 1:1 Coaching to improve your leadership effectiveness or a comprehensive roadmap to support your team's development, we will can customize a solution to address the changing needs of your business.

Therapy Session

Leadership Coaching

Leaders today are often called to deliver more, faster, better, while developing their people and increasing shareholder value.  Piece of cake, right?  There is no doubt the demands are high.  The power of coaching is in the exploration of how to identify and better leverage the skills and abilities you already have to achieve your goals while examining the things that can get in your way, so that you will be able to lead more effectively and live a braver, more courageous life.

Click the scheduling button above if you would like to see how one-on-one or team coaching might work for you.

Giving a Speech

Programs & Workshops

With carefully curated programs designed to elevate leadership effectiveness and sustainable growth, I will walk groups through a process of applicable tools and skillsets that will improve team dynamics, build stronger cultures and increase effectiveness and efficiency as an organization.

Programs Now Available:

  • Dare to Lead™ 

  • 3 Vital Questions

  • The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety

Team Meeting

Team Development

Some teams work really well together and are looking to take their impact and effectiveness to the next level.  Others may struggle to find alignment and need some help identifying and addressing the challenges that hold them back.  Jennifer will work with you to design a roadmap that moves your team forward in a sustainable way and offers tools and frameworks for continued growth.

Giving a Presentation

Meeting Facilitation

Team offsites are a great way to connect, reset, and strategize on what the future of the team or organization looks like.  Jennifer is a skilled facilitator who  will artfully guide your group through any meeting, create learning experiences that bring the best out of each participant, and walk away with clarity and action. 

"When we embarked on Jennifer Herold's 'Dare to Lead' program, we knew we were diving into something special, but we had no idea how transformative the experience would be. Jennifer has an uncanny ability to unravel complex leadership concepts, making them immediately accessible and actionable. Her facilitation was nothing short of masterful, seamlessly weaving in real-time examples that resonated deeply with our team.

Under Jennifer's expert guidance, the 'Dare to Lead' program proved invaluable in shaping our team's dynamics. We witnessed enhanced communication, a surge in collaborative endeavors, and a newfound courage to tackle challenging projects head-on. Jennifer's unique approach ensured that every session was insightful and deeply impactful, allowing us to implement our learnings into our daily operations immediately."

Stephen L., Pastor

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