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In a world of rapidly increasing uncertainty and change, businesses must adapt and adjust in unprecedented ways.  In a seven year research study, the answer to what is needed to effectively lead, survive and thrive was courageous leadership.  Dare to Lead is a compelling and necessary look at how successful leaders will be required to engage, innovate and grow.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in getting your team Dare to Lead™ Trained.

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In his book, 3 Vital Questions, David Emerald take us on a journey that delivers relevant and impactful insights on the ways we get stuck at work and in our life and the shifts we can make to engage in a more meaningful and productive manner.  David's signature fable approach simplifies complex ideas and processes in a way that anyone can relate to.  This book is a powerful reminder that we always have a choice as to how we show up and with these easy to understand tools, we can shift more easily.  

CLICK HERE if you are interested in bringing the 3 Vital Questions to your team.

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Malcolm Gladwell has done it again!  This book gives us a powerful look at the human condition and expands perspectives on even the hardest of topics.  He has masterfully woven together research that tells a story that helps us understand how we can misinterpret people and make assumptions about situations in ways that have life-altering consequences.  When we learn to lean in, get curious and seek understanding, there is so much more we can learn by talking to strangers.

If you are a fan of audiobooks, this one is amazing! You can also get the e-reader or hardcopy, but the audio version includes recordings from interviewees, powerful music by Janelle Monae, and a completely elevated experience of the book.


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